Balancing time as a young entrepreneur


I’m grateful to have the talented and intelligent Shauntierra Wilson share with The Girl Talk Suite! She is a radio host and author of her book, True Survivor. If anyone knows anything about being young and handling their business it would be her. I’m all ears to what she has to say and I hope you all find her experience to be helpful.

As a young entrepreneur, getting ready to finish my senior year of high school I realize the importance of staying focused on school and the people who mean the most to you.  So many times we forget to live a little in the midst of being entrepreneurs.

I often times had to battle between hanging out with friends or going to an event to promote my brand.  Ultimately I had to make the decision that would better me in the future.  School is always the first priority.

-No matter what you do in life it’s always important to have the education to back you up.

-Always remember to make time to spend with the people you love and care about.

-Make a list or use a calendar to organize everything you have to do so you don’t over book anything.

That has been the most effective way when trying to balance my time.

-Shauntierra Wilson
Thank you sooo much for sharing Shauntierra and in reality, this is info that I need to take notes on as well being a mom and wife. You have a ton of wisdom beyond your years! 

Please purchase her book!


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