Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah

Sire is bringing

out the natural goddess

in us

Meet the young entrepreneur in the black hair care and beauty industry!


I had the pleasure of connecting with Sire a little over a year ago. She is the epitome of black excellence. I love her drive, her determination, and the brilliance in her brand. Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah is the entrepreneur and creator of Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis Hair Care Products based out of Richmond, Virginia. It is an all natural hair and skin care product business. I am certain you will grow to love her and her brand just as much as I have.

How long have you been in business? “We have been in business for seven years.”

Tell us about Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis Hair Care Products! “Our natural hair products are great for growth, styling, adding moisture, detangling, beard care, and maintenance. With no product build-up, dryness, or damaging ingredients; hair maintenance is no longer a hassle. We destroy the myth that natural hair is a struggle. Natural Goddess and Natural Adonis Hair Products provides you with a security and confidence that is unstoppable.”

What makes your business/brand unique? “What makes us unique is that this is our ministry. We solve many hair and skin problems that frustrate most individuals within the first weeks of using our products.”

How did you get started? “We got started when I was 17. It was right around the time that I was dealing with four chronic illnesses and trying to cope with the loss of my brother Jordan (who is our Natural Adonis). At the age of five, God told me I would own my own haircare company. With the help of God and my Mom, Natural Goddess Hair Pudding was born and soon followed Natural Adonis Hair Custard.”

What inspires you? “All things hair, beauty, and the testimonies that we are met with after our clients use our products. Being a part of the solution is a great feeling.

What is the best advice you’ve received? “My best advice I have received is to stay true to yourself and keep your integrity. You owe that to yourself and God.”

Sire and her beautiful supportive Mom

What other amazing things can we look forward to? What else would you like for our readers to know! “As of February 25, 2018, God healed me from ALL four chronic conditions I suffered with in my youth. I am a licensed Youth Minister and one of my dreams is now my reality! I am in Cosmetology school and I will become a Licensed Master Cosmetologist in May of 2022! I also serve on the student government as my school’s Parliamentarian, as well as serving as an elected official for my state. We also started a foundation to help chronically ill children and their families. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Children/Young Adults that are triumphing over physical & mental challenges with resources that will provide direction, assistance, fun, and a loving community of friends.”

Well Sire, you have certainly blessed us by sharing your story and your powerful testimony! Not only are you running a phenomenal business but you’re also doing it with excellence. It’s clear that God’s favor is on you and you are operating in your gift. Keep on doing business God’s way. You have great products, a powerful brand, and a heart of gold. That’s a recipe for success! Continue keeping our culture looking and feeling beautiful inside and out. You are impacting the world. Thank you so much for sharing with us and may your brother Adonis’ legacy live on forever. You rock Sire!