One thing is for certain. I love my music and I love fashion. So it’s no surprise that I fell in love with the music sensation, MAKO Girls.

The dynamic trio is from Decatur, Georgia and consists of Mimi (19), A-Ni (17), and Kena (21). These beauties are the perfect combo of talent, style, and girl power.

I have been following them for a while now and they are consistently bringing the heat with their dope sounds and setting fashion trends.

I am so grateful that they’ve taken time out of their schedule to share more of who they are!

How long have you been singing together?

We have been singing together for seven years.

Tell us about your style. What makes your music/brand unique?

We are a trio sister girl group with a West Indian background.  All of us can sing, dance, and rap. And our style music combines the urban style with the vocals of an R&B group.

How did you get started?

Our start came from us being inspired by the boy band Mindless Behavior to perform, entertainment, and create music. We were always surrounded by music and it was a passion we want to pursue.

 Tell us about your latest single titled, Ready.

Our single “Ready” is a high energy pop song that’s talk about being
ready for any situation. It lets the world know you don’t need the
flashy light to have fun, all you need is your girls. This song really
exudes confidence and staying ready.

I love your hit, Day 1! It’s the perfect girl power song. It’s a
reminder for me to keep grinding and to keep leveling up. What does this
song mean to you?

Our song Day 1 is about us showing love to the people who supported us
since we first started our career. Like our friends, family and various
people the we worked with throughout the years.


What is your favorite song to perform?

Mimi and Kena like performing Day 1 because it’s an up beat song. It gets
going and interacting with us. A-Ni loves performing Worldwide because
it’s a hype song which makes it extremely fun to perform to everyone.

I know from experience how challenging it is to remain inspired
daily. How do you remain inspired?

We would remain inspired by our fans because they support us and tell us that we inspire them to do what they dream to do. Our parents, even
though they are hard on us sometimes they continue to support us, motivate
us to keep going and get us everything that we need to be successful. Finally each other because of the way that we continue to lift each other up to do better in the group so we can be successful together.

Which music artist would you LOVE to collaborate with?

Kena: I would love to collaborate with Halsey and Melanie Martinez.
Mimi: I would love to collaborate with Doja Cat.
A-Ni: I would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advise that we’ve been given from our vocal coach Mr. James
Slaughter when it comes to singing, “Singing is just like talking”.

Our country has experienced a lot this past year with COVID and
Black Lives Matter movement. How has this impacted you?

It impacted us in a good and bad way. It impacted us in a good way
because we got to spend more family time with each other and got a lot
of songs recorded and different opportunities come up and also gotten
more creative and growing our platform more. However it did set some
plans back for our music a bit. The fact that it’s like nerve racking to
go outside because you don’t know what’s going to happen with COVID
going around and some of the cops out there but that don’t stop us from
pushing to be successful.

Are there any projects that you’re working on that you can share with us? What would you love for us to know?

We are releasing our single “Leverage” January 29th. Our single
“Ready” is out on all streaming platforms and the music video is out now on
YouTube. Go check it out! Another amazing thing we have going on is that
we are casting in a new series called “30031” on my onmytimetv.

MAKO Girls

Kena, Mimi, and A-Ni…Congratulations on all of your success! I appreciate you ladies for not only sharing your gifts with the world but also for being such positives influences in this world we live in. Keep working, keep pushing, and keep inspiring! Continued blessings and success to you!

Thank you all so much!

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