Sisters Team Up to Boss Up for Change

There are multiple benefits to being a girl boss in this era. Those benefits include learning the value of hard work at an early age, money management, and problem-solving. Now when you double all of those factors, you get the dynamic duo of 13 year old Armani and 12 year old Amaya Jefferson…affectionately known as Mani and Maya. Mani and Maya are the cute sister bosses of Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats. They create fruity lemonade and fruit treats and have been in business for one year and four months.

Whats makes their business unique:
Not only are they young girl bosses showing what it takes to be successful business owners, but they are also philanthropists fighting to bring awareness and change to sickle cell, a disease that affects someone that they love. Additionally, the taste of this refreshing fruity drink is what makes it unique.ManiMayaSickleCellAwareness
How they got started:
Initially, the girls just wanted a real job to make some money for the summer. They were too young to work so their mom encouraged them to come up with a business of their own. The girls did some research and birthed their fruity treats business, borrowing the fund from their mom for start-up costs. The girls only wanted to work for a couple of weekends just make a little bit if money for the summer, however with the refreshing fruity recipe that they created on their own, their fruity lemonade and fruity treats became a huge hit, bringing a major increase in their supply and demand.

Armani, what inspires you?

I was inspired in the beginning by just wanting extra money. I would want sneakers because I’m a sneaker head and my mom wouldn’t be able to buy them, so that was why I wanted to work. But after we started the business and I saw how happy our customers would be after purchasing our drinks or something like that, then I became more inspired by just wanting to make people happy. And that meant making more lemonade, like all the time.

Amaya, what inspires you?

I am inspired because I know that we are young, and not many young kids our age is doing what we do. I like that we help my sister Taylor and other people like her with sickle cell. We get to do a lot of fun stuff with MUSC, and meet new people all the time. I didn’t think we would still be doing this, because it was supposed to only be for a little while a couple times for the Summer, but it has been over a year and it seems like when we think it’s dying down, something else happens and we are back busy again. I get tired but it’s also fun and I like working and having a business with my sister. That inspires me.

Words from their Mom:

I couldn’t be more proud of these girls. Their ambition and drive inspires me as an adult because kids are so innocent and pure, so you know that their intentions are always good, and none of what they are doing are for the wrong reasons. The fact that they also came up with the idea of donating to help their sister makes me feel like “at least I did something right” feeling. Even when I think I haven’t done anything well in life, they give me perfect examples of that. Taylor (their youngest sister) can be a handful at her age already, but to add a blood disease on top of that can make things way more complicated. It’s just the four of us… and they help out a lot with her, run their business and still A’s & B’s in school… every day I am amazed. Every single day!

Mani and Maya-MUSC

Thank you ladies for taking time out for us and sharing in Girls Talk Suite! We appreciate you!

Be sure to catch Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats at Girls Entrepreneur Expo Atlanta January 11, 2020! You’ll be able to meet them and support their business and their efforts to support MUSC for sickle cell!

Keep up the great work Mani and Maya!


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