Artelia Has Bossed Up with Her Brand and Hair Product Business

Artelia of Boss Baby Enterprises is making powerful moves.


I truly admire all of the young ladies I have encountered over the years who have made up their minds to be entrepreneurs at such young ages. I’m always inspired by their drive and mature mindset to be creative and build profitable businesses with their natural born gifts and talents.

Artelia is most definitely one of those young ladies. She is the young boss lady of Boss Baby Enterprises, Inc. I love her passion and her drive. I know for a fact that Boss Baby Enterprises will soon be a household name that we can get used to seeing and hearing.



Artelia is in 5th grade and she’s already being a trailblazer in the business industry.  Boss Baby Enterprises, Inc. was created in October 2017 and she started actively started selling her product November 2018.


Her products are unique because she’s learned to make all of her products by hand, including her hair care! She also has her whole immediate family involved in the business. So at 10 years old, she has a solid and competent team behind her!

Her story on how she got started:
Artelia used to have a very tough time with her hair! It was so hard to manage. She would cry everyday about getting her hair done. Her solution was to create products for kids just like her that would help detangle and moisturize the hair. She then got inspired to create a beauty empire that promotes “Beauty & Brains”!

What inspires her:

Artelia has a love for Math and Science! From a very early age, Math has been one of her favorite subjects. She loves to create and now she has a platform to do so!

Artelia is a straight A Honor Roll student who excels in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs!
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We love Artelia and the Boss Baby brand! She is most definitely making her mark in the world and is sprinkling all of her MAGIC! Continue making BOSS MOVES Artelia. We’re taking notes!

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