Karis was Born to Create and is Now Gracing the World with Her Shine!

Karis Brame-Edwards is a gifted young entrepreneur who is using her creativity to inspire others.

There are just some young ladies that you meet in this lifetime and you can immediately tell that they’re destined for greatness. 9 year old Karis Brame-Edwards displays just that. She was a joy to meet! She’s only in 4th grade but even at her young age, her confidence exudes. She has the sweetest personality and she’s most definitely ahead of the game with her style! Karis is the girlpreneur of Karis Kreations, an adornment business in which she customizes and designs items. She also empowers young people to flourish in building their own businesses. She’s only been in business for 8 months yet she’s already inspiring other youth.


Denim Vest Designer: Karis Kreations Hair by: http://www.hairbyangeled.com/ Photo by: http://www.ericaranthony.com/
This is what we love most about her story:
Hair Stylist and Momager, Angel Edwards shares with us.

Karis is an academic extraordinaire. She was able to tie her shoes at the age of 2 without any help, but by singing a song mommy made up to help her ferment the steps. Her little hands were able to zip her own coat as well. I can remember the daycare owner stating that, “She shouldn’t be able to do that.” Karis is my first born child so I couldn’t understand how significantly different she was from other children.

I’ve had several conversations with teachers, principals, educational experts, counselors and doctors to try to help understand her behavior in certain classroom settings. Karis was well known by every teacher in each school she’s attended whether they taught her or not. She had wrote the reputation of “cutting up.” Some would say she was bored out of her mind and school counselors would suggest testing her for ADD/ ADHD. The specialists soon learned she was a special case. Just imagine her parents’ frustration upon learning that not even the “experts” who taught children for decades could understand what formula would work best for her unique self.

Mom contacted her High school mentor Tori Tyler of Demoiselle 2 Femme NFP. She was able to meet with Karis weekly to help build her and make sure that what she may have been hearing about herself wasn’t becoming her reality. Constance codified to the principal’s office can become a habit of wanting negative attention.

After several sessions, changes in classrooms and schools, her parents never gave up and never gave in to what could’ve socially transformed her overall reputation.

Hair by: http://www.hairbyangeled.com/ Photo by: http://www.ericaranthony.com/

How Karis got started:
Mom got smarter, she tried everything, from volunteering at her schools, to EXTRA extra curricular activities, to finally actually becoming an employee at her school.

One day I saw Karis in the hallway and she said, “Mommy I got $5!”

Puzzled I asked wow, Really??! From where? I them learned that Karis sold bracelets she made at home to her classmates. Her third grade teacher made her return the students’ money until she got an EIN number.

Mom spoke with the principal about Karis’ swift moves in class and Dr Wytress Richardson of Oakdale Christian Academy said,

“Bring me that baby.”

I watched Karis be affirmed in her entrepreneurship endeavors and it catapulted mom’s drive to possibly finding something that might work. Dr Richardson said, “Let’s make it happen for Karis. She has it.”

Denim Vest Designed by: Karis Kreations Hair by: http://www.hairbyangeled.com/ Photo by: http://www.ericaranthony.com/

What inspires Karis?

Karis shared with mom, who left her job and started her hair business as a full time career, that she’s the reason for her inspiration. She says that seeing mommy happy while working for herself makes her excited about doing the same thing.

What else should we know about Karis?

This past summer, in attempts to keep Karis incredibly busy, we enrolled her in an Intro to Cosmetology class with Candrice Tinch of LeCalm Hair Salon where Karis learned so much about natural hair and is now perfecting her braiding techniques. Her hands are gifted and everything she touches is blessed. Her future is incredibly bright and nothing can stop this girl. Some days we’re unsure where her business is headed because she is so multi talented. Performing arts as a dancer, singer, gymnast, and public speaker. Everyday we are discovering her gifts and capitalizing on her strengths as we literally raise our big girl who’s now a big sister to our 2 year old Zoë who adores her and looks up to get as a role model.

Karis’ business didn’t merely begin as a way of making money, it was a way of keeping her busy with something that was fulfilling for her. She now places orders from her friends for decorating their school supplies. She still maintains being an above average student in her classroom, school, and entire district in her testing scores.

She eventually developed her own words to best describe herself in order to redefine herself FOR HERSELF. These affirmations were used as tools to help her redirect her behavior as she was reminded of her own words:

Karis is Kind

Karis is an Artist

Karis is Respectful

Karis is Intelligent

Karis is Special.

I don’t know about you all but I see AMAZING things in Karis’ bright future! Her powerful story speaks for her. She’s talented, her fashion sense is DOPE, and she is highly intelligent! I know her parents are extremely proud. You can definitely see their hard work and sacrifices. I’m blessed to have met her and I’m excited for whats to come!

Karis' Parents

Karis pictured with her supportive parents. Photo by: http://www.ericaranthony.com/


Please follow Karis fantastic journey via Instagram! @kariskreations9

To learn more about Karis’ Kreations go to: http://www.hairbyangeled/

For more info, contact her mom, Angela Edwards: angelandkaris@gmail.com