Sisters in Business Creating Dope Apparel

Toni and La’Jada have created a niche in the fashion world with their custom apparel and splash paint business.

Teenpreneurs La’Jada and Toni are living up to their name with the dope designs they’re creating in the fashion world. These young ladies are The Dope Daughters. La’Jada is 17 and Toni is 15 yet they are mature and business savvy. They are the creators of The Dope Daughters which is a custom apparel and splash paint business. They’ve been in business for 7 months.

Their business is unique because they have their own creative spin on everything they do. They got started from assisting their mom with her business and branched off into doing their own thing.

What inspires you?

“We are inspired by our mom and our passion for what we do.”

What’s one positive thing you love about being in business together?

“Its easier to work together because we are close; we agree on most things; and we do two different things.”

What’s one of the challenges?

“We bump heads sometimes just because we are sisters”.

Can you give one piece of advice for anyone who is in business with family?

“Try not to let your personal business get mixed with your business.”

One thing I know for sure is that these young ladies work really hard and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They have been raised into the world of entrepreneurship and they’re serious about their business.

Ladies this is just the beginning of your journey! Thank you for sharing in the Girl Talk Suite!

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