Sisters in Business~Leila and Winter Spills the “Tea” on Sisterhood and Their Partnership

Leila and Winter Etherly took time to share their story with us about their great tea business and sisterhood.

9 year old Leila and 8 year old Winter are indeed two young ladies that you should know. They are the creators of LeilaWinter Mint and Hibiscus Tea. I stopped at their table at the Girls Entrepreneur Expo, I tasted their tea, and I loved it! Most importantly I loved their spirit. They are the cutest with such sweet personalities.

They got started in the tea business because their grandmother would make the tea and they would have tea parties. So they have been enjoying tea since they were little. They started selling it at their stand last year in 2017.

What makes your business unique?

Winter: “I really like the taste of Peppermint and Hibiscus and I enjoy it because people like it.”

Leila: “What makes LeilaWinter tea is because its homemade, fresh, and people like it. Also, you can’t find the same flavor anywhere else.”

What inspires you?

Winter: “What inspires me is the color of the tea reflects my feelings.”

Leila: “When other people try it, it makes them feel happy and that makes me feel happy.”

What’s one positive thing you love about being in business together?

Winter: “I get to sell it with my loved one.

Leila: “We both have different jobs that makes us feel happy.”

What’s one challenge with working with your sister?

Winter: “Sometimes she can yell at me”.

Leila: “Sometimes she doesn’t participate”.

Give one piece of advice for anyone who is in business with family.

Winter: “First ask your family if they want to go in business with you.”

Leila: “It’s fun to go into business together as a family.”

Well I so appreciate Leila and Winter for taking the time to stop in the Girl Talk Suite! I love their candid perspective on working with each other and sharing a portion of their journey with us. They have a great tea business and a greater sisterhood which will take them far! Thank you ladies!!! You rock!

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