Sisters in Business Who Are Giving Us Double the Magic

Check out Raina and Jada, the dope sisters of BBold Creationz.  They shared with us the story of their business and what it is like working together. 

I caught up with some amazing Girlpreneurs that I know who have created and built impressive businesses. A few of them recently participated in the Girls Entrepreneur Expo this year and each of them blew me away.  I will be sharing their journey and stories this week with you. 

Entrepreneurship alone is serious business (no pun intended) but deciding to work with loved ones is double the challenge. Their partnerships are reflections of their level of maturity and that they’re focused on what’s really important. I’m blessed to have met them and I’m so excited share their creations with the world!

12 year old Raina and 10 year old Jada are the fashionistas of BBold Creationz. BBold Creationz is a custom denim fashion and accessory business. They have been in business for one year and six months. bboldcreationz-photoshot2017

What makes their business unique…

“We create rare handbags with denim jeans that stand out.”     

How they got started…

Raina attempted to create a denim pencil holder and then created a choker. They made their mom one and they decided to see if they could make money by making them…and they did. 

What inspires them: They enjoy making customers feel confident. They enjoy making designs and thinking outside the box. 

What they love about being in business together: 

“We share ideas with each other”.

One of their challenges: Disagreeing about certain designs.

Their advice to anyone in business with family:

“Be honest and be fair. Also, allow each other to be creative.”


Raina and Jada definitely knows what’s most important in life. Not to mention that they definitely have style! I hope the fashion world is ready. It was an honor to meet them and I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

Please be sure to support them and follow them on their journey!

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