M.A.M.S by Amari to Fit Your Style

I think its so important that the world has an opportunity to meet a young yet inspiring young lady by the name of Amari Moore. I had the awesome privilege of meeting Amari last year. She participated in the Girls Entrepreneur Expo, an annual event that I host for young entrepreneurial girls. Although Amari is young, she is quite serious about her business. She is the young lady behind M.A.M.S Bracelets by Amari.


This cutie is only eleven eleven years old in the 5th grade and been in business for less than one year. Her business is unique because her bracelets are all made by hand to custom fit your style and satisfaction.


Amari explains how she got started.

“I started making bracelets a few short months ago when my dad saw some bracelets that he wanted but they were starting at $100 plus. So we thought that if we bought the material, we could make them ourselves. We made a few bracelets and posted them on Facebook and people started asking me to make more. From then until now, I’ve been selling away.”

IMG_2518Amari gets her inspiration from her family (Mark, Amari, Miles, Stefanie) which explains how M.A.M.S became the name of her business. She also gets her inspiration from her satisfied customers.



In addition to operating her business, Amari is also talented.

“I love to sing and dance. I started ballet at age 6.”



Amari you are doing a phenomenal job! You an inspiration to other young ladies. Even on days when it doesn’t seem like it, many other girls are looking up to you. Keep being amazing and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

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