Black Panther is Strengthening a Nation

Many of us are familiar with the record breaking Marvel Comics movie Black Panther starring Hollywood’s finest Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, and Forest Whitaker.


Black Panther has made the black culture proud with its positive representation of strong black images on the screen. We saw examples of powerful warriors (men and women), solidarity within the black culture along with black excellence.
I am blessed and humbled to know Muhjah McCaskill who is the founder of Strengthening A Nation, a program that teaches entrepreneurship to youth in Chicago, Illinois.


After an educational field trip to the theater to see the Black Panther film, Muhjah encouraged her youth to share their opinion on the entrepreneurial opportunities the film may have contained.

Three amazing young entrepreneurs of Strenthening a Nation share their observation on the Black Panther film concerning entrepreneurship.

Keturah Hogue, Anika Datta, and Kendra Taylor chimes in on the history making film.

Keturah who is 15 years old viewed the film as powerful and jaw dropping.


From an entrepreneur aspect, she was intrigued by the many uses of vibranium. It was used for the development of clothes, jewelry was made for communicating, and holographic vehicles.

She also saw the value of giving back to our community through purchasing property, creating an after school program, and teaching engineering to the youth in a safe environment.


From an entrepreneur perspective 10 year old Anika loved the importance of how they helped the community by helping each other and showing diversity by helping other people from outside the community and welcoming them to live in Wakanda.


14 year old Kendra admits that she prejudged Black Panther but walked away with powerful insight. She loved how there was a positive representation of family support and a strong love they showed each other.

She was also impressed by the technology advancement of women in the film and having women represented who she can identify with meant a lot to her. Not to mention, technology is one of her greatest interests!

“I was excited to see the use of a females in science and technology…it spoke to our greatness.”


Kendra saw representations of: showing compassion, being committed to the job (NOT JUST THE POSITION), and the dangers we face when we don’t share the wealth and knowledge with each other.

Thank you Keturah, Anika, and Kendra for sharing your perspectives! I personally have been enlighten by your observations.

I must admit that there’s so much we can learn from you!

Thank you Muhjah McCaskill for your sacrifices and ALL of the lives you’re impacting. Keep making a difference!
Please support Strengthening A Nation and these phenomenal young entrepreneurs. 

Strengthening A Nation is offering entrepreneurship classes for Fall 2018. Please contact Muhjuh McCaskill for more info. 773-998-8505


Anika Datta~Just Add Glitter

Kendra Taylor~Entrepreneur of FLASHBACK COOKIES.