Artelia Has Bossed Up with Her Brand and Hair Product Business

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Artelia of Boss Baby Enterprises is making powerful moves.


I truly admire all of the young ladies I have encountered over the years who have made up their minds to be entrepreneurs at such young ages. I’m always inspired by their drive and mature mindset to be creative and build profitable businesses with their natural born gifts and talents.

Artelia is most definitely one of those young ladies. She is the young boss lady of Boss Baby Enterprises, Inc. I love her passion and her drive. I know for a fact that Boss Baby Enterprises will soon be a household name that we can get used to seeing and hearing.



Artelia is in 5th grade and she’s already being a trailblazer in the business industry.  Boss Baby Enterprises, Inc. was created in October 2017 and she started actively started selling her product November 2018.


Her products are unique because she’s learned to make all of her products by hand, including her hair care! She also has her whole immediate family involved in the business. So at 10 years old, she has a solid and competent team behind her!

Her story on how she got started:
Artelia used to have a very tough time with her hair! It was so hard to manage. She would cry everyday about getting her hair done. Her solution was to create products for kids just like her that would help detangle and moisturize the hair. She then got inspired to create a beauty empire that promotes “Beauty & Brains”!

What inspires her:

Artelia has a love for Math and Science! From a very early age, Math has been one of her favorite subjects. She loves to create and now she has a platform to do so!

Artelia is a straight A Honor Roll student who excels in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs!
Black Enterprise has also done an article on her!


We love Artelia and the Boss Baby brand! She is most definitely making her mark in the world and is sprinkling all of her MAGIC! Continue making BOSS MOVES Artelia. We’re taking notes!

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Jada Has Been Chosen to Make a Difference


Jada McGee is the light that our culture and community needs.


To be CHOSEN means to be appointed, favored, and hand-picked. I have not known this young lady for very long but what I do know for sure is that she has been chosen by God for a time such as this. Jada McGee is the founder of  Youth Training Services. I had the pleasure of meeting Jada at the Girls Entrepreneur Expo. It was truly an honor to have her there, not only as a vendor but as a light for the other youth who were present. 

Her program has been running for three years now. She is only 15 years old and is already making a huge impact in the lives of others especially in the lives of youth. 

Youth Training Services is a nonprofit organization that promotes abstinence and celibacy until marriage.

Our foundation is 1 Corinthians 6:20 “For you were bought with a high price, so you must honor God with your body.” Through sessions and conferences  teach sexual purity, goal setting, academics, health, and finances. 




What makes your organization unique? 

What makes my organization unique is that you don’t hear people talking about keeping themselves till marriage because sex is the big talk these days.

What inspired you to get started?

I started this organization when I was thirteen when I was in my parents room trying to figure out what I was going to do for my birthday. I asked my mom what is it called when you say you are going to keep yourself sexually until marriage and she said it’s called a purity ceremony. So the week after my birthday party my four friends and I dressed in our all white and stood in front our family, friends, church congregation and pastor and said we were going to remain virgins until we get married. I decided that I wanted to reach out to other churches to see if other youth wanted to do it as well and now we have thirty-five teens and preteens in total.


What inspires you to keep going? Jada1

What inspires me to keep going is the fact that I am not the only one who wants to keep myself sexually until I get married and focus my time and energy on my education, my goals and my family.

What advice will you give another young lady who is dealing with any adversity/personal challenges?

One piece of advice I would give to young ladies is don’t try to fit in with the crowd. You are beautiful inside and out.

What else would you like for us to know? JadaMcGee

My goal is to one day purchase a building that will house Youth Training Services. I am also the author of my first book, Really? Why Would He Choose Me?  JadaWhyWouldHeChooseMe

My book is about my struggles and accomplishments in life. I also give advice that helps teens and adults.

Jada isn’t only making an impact on our community, her message will make an impact in our world. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her and I’m highly anticipating what’s to come!


Please make sure you purchase her book!

Go to










Karis was Born to Create and is Now Gracing the World with Her Shine!


Karis Brame-Edwards is a gifted young entrepreneur who is using her creativity to inspire others.

There are just some young ladies that you meet in this lifetime and you can immediately tell that they’re destined for greatness. 9 year old Karis Brame-Edwards displays just that. She was a joy to meet! She’s only in 4th grade but even at her young age, her confidence exudes. She has the sweetest personality and she’s most definitely ahead of the game with her style! Karis is the girlpreneur of Karis Kreations, an adornment business in which she customizes and designs items. She also empowers young people to flourish in building their own businesses. She’s only been in business for 8 months yet she’s already inspiring other youth.


Denim Vest Designer: Karis Kreations Hair by: Photo by:
This is what we love most about her story:
Hair Stylist and Momager, Angel Edwards shares with us.

Karis is an academic extraordinaire. She was able to tie her shoes at the age of 2 without any help, but by singing a song mommy made up to help her ferment the steps. Her little hands were able to zip her own coat as well. I can remember the daycare owner stating that, “She shouldn’t be able to do that.” Karis is my first born child so I couldn’t understand how significantly different she was from other children.

I’ve had several conversations with teachers, principals, educational experts, counselors and doctors to try to help understand her behavior in certain classroom settings. Karis was well known by every teacher in each school she’s attended whether they taught her or not. She had wrote the reputation of “cutting up.” Some would say she was bored out of her mind and school counselors would suggest testing her for ADD/ ADHD. The specialists soon learned she was a special case. Just imagine her parents’ frustration upon learning that not even the “experts” who taught children for decades could understand what formula would work best for her unique self.

Mom contacted her High school mentor Tori Tyler of Demoiselle 2 Femme NFP. She was able to meet with Karis weekly to help build her and make sure that what she may have been hearing about herself wasn’t becoming her reality. Constance codified to the principal’s office can become a habit of wanting negative attention.

After several sessions, changes in classrooms and schools, her parents never gave up and never gave in to what could’ve socially transformed her overall reputation.

How Karis got started:
Mom got smarter, she tried everything, from volunteering at her schools, to EXTRA extra curricular activities, to finally actually becoming an employee at her school.

One day I saw Karis in the hallway and she said, “Mommy I got $5!”

Puzzled I asked wow, Really??! From where? I them learned that Karis sold bracelets she made at home to her classmates. Her third grade teacher made her return the students’ money until she got an EIN number.

Mom spoke with the principal about Karis’ swift moves in class and Dr Wytress Richardson of Oakdale Christian Academy said,

“Bring me that baby.”

I watched Karis be affirmed in her entrepreneurship endeavors and it catapulted mom’s drive to possibly finding something that might work. Dr Richardson said, “Let’s make it happen for Karis. She has it.”


Denim Vest Designed by: Karis Kreations Hair by: Photo by:

What inspires Karis?

Karis shared with mom, who left her job and started her hair business as a full time career, that she’s the reason for her inspiration. She says that seeing mommy happy while working for herself makes her excited about doing the same thing.

What else should we know about Karis?

This past summer, in attempts to keep Karis incredibly busy, we enrolled her in an Intro to Cosmetology class with Candrice Tinch of LeCalm Hair Salon where Karis learned so much about natural hair and is now perfecting her braiding techniques. Her hands are gifted and everything she touches is blessed. Her future is incredibly bright and nothing can stop this girl. Some days we’re unsure where her business is headed because she is so multi talented. Performing arts as a dancer, singer, gymnast, and public speaker. Everyday we are discovering her gifts and capitalizing on her strengths as we literally raise our big girl who’s now a big sister to our 2 year old Zoë who adores her and looks up to get as a role model.

Karis’ business didn’t merely begin as a way of making money, it was a way of keeping her busy with something that was fulfilling for her. She now places orders from her friends for decorating their school supplies. She still maintains being an above average student in her classroom, school, and entire district in her testing scores.

She eventually developed her own words to best describe herself in order to redefine herself FOR HERSELF. These affirmations were used as tools to help her redirect her behavior as she was reminded of her own words:

Karis is Kind

Karis is an Artist

Karis is Respectful

Karis is Intelligent

Karis is Special.

I don’t know about you all but I see AMAZING things in Karis’ bright future! Her powerful story speaks for her. She’s talented, her fashion sense is DOPE, and she is highly intelligent! I know her parents are extremely proud. You can definitely see their hard work and sacrifices. I’m blessed to have met her and I’m excited for whats to come!

Karis' Parents

Karis pictured with her supportive parents. Photo by:


Please follow Karis fantastic journey via Instagram! @kariskreations9

To learn more about Karis’ Kreations go to: http://www.hairbyangeled/

For more info, contact her mom, Angela Edwards:


Sisters in Business Creating Dope Apparel


Toni and La’Jada have created a niche in the fashion world with their custom apparel and splash paint business.

Teenpreneurs La’Jada and Toni are living up to their name with the dope designs they’re creating in the fashion world. These young ladies are The Dope Daughters. La’Jada is 17 and Toni is 15 yet they are mature and business savvy. They are the creators of The Dope Daughters which is a custom apparel and splash paint business. They’ve been in business for 7 months.

Their business is unique because they have their own creative spin on everything they do. They got started from assisting their mom with her business and branched off into doing their own thing.

What inspires you?

“We are inspired by our mom and our passion for what we do.”

What’s one positive thing you love about being in business together?

“Its easier to work together because we are close; we agree on most things; and we do two different things.”

What’s one of the challenges?

“We bump heads sometimes just because we are sisters”.

Can you give one piece of advice for anyone who is in business with family?

“Try not to let your personal business get mixed with your business.”

One thing I know for sure is that these young ladies work really hard and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They have been raised into the world of entrepreneurship and they’re serious about their business.

Ladies this is just the beginning of your journey! Thank you for sharing in the Girl Talk Suite!

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Sisters in Business~Leila and Winter Spills the “Tea” on Sisterhood and Their Partnership


Leila and Winter Etherly took time to share their story with us about their great tea business and sisterhood.

9 year old Leila and 8 year old Winter are indeed two young ladies that you should know. They are the creators of LeilaWinter Mint and Hibiscus Tea. I stopped at their table at the Girls Entrepreneur Expo, I tasted their tea, and I loved it! Most importantly I loved their spirit. They are the cutest with such sweet personalities.

They got started in the tea business because their grandmother would make the tea and they would have tea parties. So they have been enjoying tea since they were little. They started selling it at their stand last year in 2017.

What makes your business unique?

Winter: “I really like the taste of Peppermint and Hibiscus and I enjoy it because people like it.”

Leila: “What makes LeilaWinter tea is because its homemade, fresh, and people like it. Also, you can’t find the same flavor anywhere else.”

What inspires you?

Winter: “What inspires me is the color of the tea reflects my feelings.”

Leila: “When other people try it, it makes them feel happy and that makes me feel happy.”

What’s one positive thing you love about being in business together?

Winter: “I get to sell it with my loved one.

Leila: “We both have different jobs that makes us feel happy.”

What’s one challenge with working with your sister?

Winter: “Sometimes she can yell at me”.

Leila: “Sometimes she doesn’t participate”.

Give one piece of advice for anyone who is in business with family.

Winter: “First ask your family if they want to go in business with you.”

Leila: “It’s fun to go into business together as a family.”

Well I so appreciate Leila and Winter for taking the time to stop in the Girl Talk Suite! I love their candid perspective on working with each other and sharing a portion of their journey with us. They have a great tea business and a greater sisterhood which will take them far! Thank you ladies!!! You rock!

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Sisters in Business Who Are Giving Us Double the Magic


Check out Raina and Jada, the dope sisters of BBold Creationz.  They shared with us the story of their business and what it is like working together. 

I caught up with some amazing Girlpreneurs that I know who have created and built impressive businesses. A few of them recently participated in the Girls Entrepreneur Expo this year and each of them blew me away.  I will be sharing their journey and stories this week with you. 

Entrepreneurship alone is serious business (no pun intended) but deciding to work with loved ones is double the challenge. Their partnerships are reflections of their level of maturity and that they’re focused on what’s really important. I’m blessed to have met them and I’m so excited share their creations with the world!

12 year old Raina and 10 year old Jada are the fashionistas of BBold Creationz. BBold Creationz is a custom denim fashion and accessory business. They have been in business for one year and six months. bboldcreationz-photoshot2017

What makes their business unique…

“We create rare handbags with denim jeans that stand out.”     

How they got started…

Raina attempted to create a denim pencil holder and then created a choker. They made their mom one and they decided to see if they could make money by making them…and they did. 

What inspires them: They enjoy making customers feel confident. They enjoy making designs and thinking outside the box. 

What they love about being in business together: 

“We share ideas with each other”.

One of their challenges: Disagreeing about certain designs.

Their advice to anyone in business with family:

“Be honest and be fair. Also, allow each other to be creative.”


Raina and Jada definitely knows what’s most important in life. Not to mention that they definitely have style! I hope the fashion world is ready. It was an honor to meet them and I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

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Michigan’s Own Trinity is the Heart of Art


Teenpreneur and artist is making a difference with her creations.


Trinity Brown is only 15 years old and is already making a positive impact in this world with her gift of design.

I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Trinity in the Girls Entrepreneur Expo in Detroit April of this year. I witnessed her art and amazing talent. She carries a humble spirit and sweet spirit. I’m pleased to have met her!

Trinity is the creative mind behind Trinity’s Wire Creations. Her creations consist of handmade wire-wrapped jewelry. When she wire wraps, she never use the same design twice. Each design is unique! 


Check out her amazing designs! 



In 2015 she underwent a spinal fusion which stopped her dancing dreams for two years. During her first year, she began making jewelry in an attempt to fill the void of her creativity.


Labradorite pendant


Trinity’s custom stone necklace


Custom name necklace



What inspires Trinity?

People who try to be positive because being happy is the most important thing to me!

Trinity’s Words of advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.


What’s next for Trinity’s Wire Creations?

I am hosting a Teen Art Show in Detroit Michigan at the Carr Center Gallery on August 25th. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to National Scoliosis Foundation to raise awareness.




Find her amazing teen event on Facebook! Please support her and check out new young talent!

“Curved” Teen Art Show


There’s so much more to come from her! Please stay tuned to what she has going on. You don’t want to miss out! She has clearly put her heart and soul into her work and it shows. The world better get ready for her MAGIC!


Find more info about Trinity’s Wire Creations at: Trinity’s Wire Creations!

Find her on:

Facebook: Trinity’s Wire Creations

Instagram: Trins Wire Creations and “Curved” Teen Art Show

Keep It SWEET, Not Stressed


I am a mom of two teens, a 16 year old daughter and an 18 year old son. I also work with Youth Outreach Services organization within my community. I have mentored youth for over 10 years. So in addition to my children I encounter troubled youth DAILY and I have came to the conclusion that its really tough being a kid in 2018. Life seems to be even more challenging for teenagers. From my experience, today’s youth are experiencing mental health challenges and fighting depression like never before. There’s a ton of stress that they’re carrying without an outlet. Key factors like school, home, friends, violence, traumatic events, and social media are all major contributing factors to stress.

I know that mental health concerns and depression runs deeper than every day stress but I believe that with a few changes, a more stress-free life can be enjoyed. Less stress makes more room for your MAGIC! I have a few tips to make your life a little more enjoyable and much SWEETER!


Its recommended that youth and teens get about 8 hours of sleep. I know its unrealistic to get 8 hours of sleep every night but I would suggest going to sleep an hour earlier to help control stress.

To relax your mind at night consider reading an inspiring book or writing in a journal to get your feelings out.


I already know, talking to parents is TOUGH. Make an attempt to discuss your feelings with a parent but if that becomes a challenge please talk to another adult that you trust. Consider a teacher, coach, or mentor. Whatever you do, SEEK HELP from someone. Don’t attempt to hold in your feelings. That is unhealthy for you. You can also call 800-852-8336 (Teen Live) or 800-273-TALK (8255) if you’re having suicidal thoughts.


Spend time with friends and family. Being around loving friends and family makes us happier and gives us energy. Get involved with activities that you enjoy! Consider volunteering. Spending your time helping others is rewarding and will allow you to feel better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Its not healthy when too much time is spend online because its tiring on the body, eyes, and mind. Besides, there will also be more pressure to compare ourselves with what we see. The images are deceiving.


Exercise! A little activity can change our mindset. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

Try a dance class! Consider ballet, hip hop, or even an African dance class. Go skating or bike riding. Any activity helps.

Eat smarter. Try not to eat too much sugary foods like cookies, candy, chips, pop, and juices. That’s one of the biggest challenges but it works when we make small changes. Add more water and veggies. Our food impacts the activity of our minds.

Avoid alcohol and drugs.



If you’re feeling the stress of bullies, insults, and lack of support, find positive people be around. Make sure your friends are loving and supportive. You want friends who are gonna clap for you and encourage you. You also want a friend who’ll offer constructive criticism in love when necessary. Life is too short to be around negativity. You don’t need a lot of friends to be happy. You just need ONE GOOD FRIEND.


Take time and figure out what things you absolutely LOVE doing.  

Do you love to write?
Are you creative?
Do you like fashion?
Do you love baking?
Do you love music?
Are you passionate about helping others? 
Do you love to sing?

Its okay to not always know. As you grow try to find what gives you true joy and focus on that. What are you gifted at doing? What do you do well? Do the thing that makes you happy. Life is more appreciated when we spend some time doing what we absolutely love. 

8. PRAY. 

Its last on the list but PLEASE don’t let it be your last option. You can always talk to God about your feelings or anything else you may be experiencing.

Overall I just want to encourage those young ladies who are feeling really stressed and overwhelmed with life. You can begin to make small changes in order to live your BEST life. You can do it. The world needs what you have to offer. Get rid of the stress so you can SPRINKLE YOUR MAGIC!

For more assistance or counseling

Youth Outreach Services

773-777-7112 Ext. 7719

Chicago, IL
Suicidal Thoughts 800-273-TALK (8255)
Available 24 hours a day
800-852-8336 TeenLive

Reigning with ROYALTY


There is one word that comes to mind when I think of our featured girlpreneur today and that’s ROYALTY. Her name is SeMya Henderson and we prefer to refer to her as Princess Mya. The name of her business is appropriately called, Royalty. Through her business, she sells cosmetics, accessories, and new and used clothing.  Royalty is unique because all of her products are handpicked personally by her and her Mom. 

SeMya is an aspiring fashion designer and her business was inspired from making bracelets with her Mom and dressing up in the beautiful clothes her Mom buys her. 

Mya is personally inspired by fashion and her Mom’s sense of style. She also wants to be an inspiration to little girls everywhere. 

No matter where you come from or your circumstances you can set goals and achieve them. 

Mya is only 10 years old and in fourth grade. She has been in business a year and is already making a positive impact. Royalty is not just a name she carries but it’s the genuine life she lives. 

I am please to share that SeMya is the reigning Miss Destiny Illinois Pre-Teen 2018. 

Mya is inspiring other young girls and is also a leader in the community and loves giving back.  

SeMya also plays tennis. She enjoys Youtubing, shopping, dining out, and hanging out with family and friends. 

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Thank you SeMya for sharing with us in the Girl Talk Suite!

Princess Mya
Miss Illinois Pre-Teen

M.A.M.S by Amari to Fit Your Style


I think its so important that the world has an opportunity to meet a young yet inspiring young lady by the name of Amari Moore. I had the awesome privilege of meeting Amari last year. She participated in the Girls Entrepreneur Expo, an annual event that I host for young entrepreneurial girls. Although Amari is young, she is quite serious about her business. She is the young lady behind M.A.M.S Bracelets by Amari.


This cutie is only eleven eleven years old in the 5th grade and been in business for less than one year. Her business is unique because her bracelets are all made by hand to custom fit your style and satisfaction.


Amari explains how she got started.

“I started making bracelets a few short months ago when my dad saw some bracelets that he wanted but they were starting at $100 plus. So we thought that if we bought the material, we could make them ourselves. We made a few bracelets and posted them on Facebook and people started asking me to make more. From then until now, I’ve been selling away.”

IMG_2518Amari gets her inspiration from her family (Mark, Amari, Miles, Stefanie) which explains how M.A.M.S became the name of her business. She also gets her inspiration from her satisfied customers.



In addition to operating her business, Amari is also talented.

“I love to sing and dance. I started ballet at age 6.”



Amari you are doing a phenomenal job! You an inspiration to other young ladies. Even on days when it doesn’t seem like it, many other girls are looking up to you. Keep being amazing and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

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